Monday, November 1, 2010

Styrofoam cutter

I finally finished modifying my circle styrofoam cutter.
I decided not to use the motor to spin my pieces of styrofoam.
Instead I'm gonna use a 3" nail as my center point.
I also added a spring to the hot wire to keep the tension on the wire when it's hot.
The wire tends to loosen up when it's hot.

It's over.

Another Halloween has gone by.
We closed up shop last night at 8:30pm.
Not very many ToT's out on the streets ,
probably because it was Sunday night.
We are ready for next year's theme ,
which will be "detectives".
We'll be building crime scenes , alley ways and dead people.
It will a little gorey which is usually not up my alley.
We're not making a horror movie here.
I'm more interested in building props and scenery .

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