Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hieroglyphs part 1

For my party , I will need 9 wall partitions.
I got white styrofoam panels ( 4x8) 3/4" thick.
The reason for that is so I can reuse the panels next year using the back side.

First ( and important ) thing to do is to take off the plastic layer of the styrofoam
because it'll be hard to get the paint to stick on plastic and it's easier to burn graphics into the foam.

I made graphics of my wall partitions on my computer ,
printed them out and put them on my iPod. Then I connected my iPod to
a cheap projector and projected my graphics onto the styrofoam.
To burn the graphics onto the foam , I used a wood burner.
You can burn one sheet of styrofoam in about 1/2 hour .
About 15 minutes for the graphics and 15 minutes for the brick/stone work.
The graphics are freehanded and for the bricks , I used a ruler .

This is how the foam looks with the graphics .
Not much to see since it's white on white.

Before I paint the background , I outlined the graphics with a dark paint.
This was done by airbrush but can be done with a small hand brush.
The latter will take longer.
Next pic shows you part of the outlined panel.

The next couple of pics show you the finished outlined panels.
These are ready for the lighter paint and will be detailed later on.

Hieroglyphic walls

Work has started on the hieroglyphic walls for our indoor party.
Every wall section will have a puzzle ( in hieroglyphs of course ) that will lead the guests from one section to another and eventually will reveal the Riddle of the Pharaoh.

The wall sections are constructed out of styrofoam .
The hieroglyphs will be burned into the styrofoam with a wood burner and then painted .

More to come...

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