Thursday, December 24, 2009

3D Styrofoam Anubis head.

I've been thinking of a way to make a decent Anubis head for another prop for Halloween and I came up with the following : glueing several sheets of styrofoam together to make a thick cube and cut it out with a hot wire styrofoam cutter in 3D. The way to cut 3D patterns is to cut one side ( face side ) en turn the cube 90 degrees and cut the other side ( side view). I will post some how-to pictures when I cut the real sized heads.
I did a test run with a miniature version of the jackal ( Anubis ) head. It's about 6" long and 4" high.
After cutting the main parts of the head , you can use a file to smooth and round the edges. If you need to take out bigger chunks of material , you can use a handheld hot wire foam cutter that can be bought at your craft store or you can make your own , the same way you would make a hot wire foam cutter table.
If you're interested in building your own cutter , you can do a search on the net and find the information you need. Anyway , here are some pics of the unfinished , rough cut , miniature styrofoam head.
The real head will be about 2 ft long and approximately 1 and a half foot high.
Found enough styrofoam to start the first head.
After three burned out hand hot wire foam cutters , I was able to cut little pieces out of the styrofoam head. Here's the progress so far.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Started working on the first major prop for Halloween 2010. It's a sphynx.
The skeleton will be completely made out of cardboard and will be papier mache'd later.
I'd like to keep my props lightweight , especially the ones that are gonna stay inside the house.
This year's theme will be , if you didn't guess it , Egypt.
I'm looking forward to building props for that theme since I have great interest in ancient Egypt.
Anyway , here are some pics of the progress. ( Took me about 4 hours ).


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