Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Witches Of Belgrove

More easy props.
These type of props can be made in one day if needed.
Starting off with a frame made out of 1x2's and pvc pipe,
covered with some chicken wire,
black plastic trash bags and an old gazebo cover , ripped in pieces.
The masks were bucky lids ( latex masks to put over a bucky skull ) ,
painted green and added some other colors for more realism.
Eyes were painted dirty white and the pupils were printed out graphics that I glued on.
Added a wig and a hat and that's it.

The hands are made out of coat wire hanger and bic pens.
Covered in liquid latex and cotton balls , then painted green also.

When making a display like this , don't forget to add lighting
( Red , green was used , but amber works great too ).

Here are some pics of the hands...


  1. I LOVE your witch props! We are doing that theme this coming year and I will use your tips on doing the cauldron.

  2. So where exactly was Belgrove? What time-frame? And what lore surrounds it? Can you give a text reference to it?



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