Sunday, December 27, 2015

A new road ahead !

For those who have been following the Prop Shop over the years , know we are big fans of Halloween props and decor.
Back in 2013 , we decided not to have any more themed Halloween parties because of all the work that goes into building the decor inside the house and in the end , we couldn't organize the games that went with the theme because of some guests that showed up late.

Fast forward to late 2015 , we are taking our Halloween games and decor/set building to another level : Real Life Escape Rooms.

We are continuing the build of sets/decor and special fx , as well as puzzles and puzzle furniture that will be used in our Escape Room.
Since we're not starting the Escape Room business till next year , due to moving out of state , we started working on whatever needs to be done before we open.

We are going to update this blog with builds , but not the stuff that will be used in the Escape Room !
The reason for that is to make sure no one will get to see how the puzzles work , so they can have the ultimate experience in our room !

Once we retire puzzles , decor and furniture , there will be video and blog updates and how-to's for those who are interested in building similar things.

We'll be back !!!

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